• Celebrate and Commemorate Your Graduation in Style

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Celebrate and Commemorate Your Graduation in Style

Represent Your Heritage with Pride

Rep the Blue and Rouge like it's 1804 with our Apparel, Accessories, and More

"Teaching kids to count it fine, but teaching them what counts is best."

Our Mission

Graduation is the international language of celebration. It crosses the lines of age, gender, class, and heritage. A deep sense of satisfaction and pride is experienced by everyone involved - the graduate, the parents, family, and friends. 

Celebrate and commemorate your big day with our heirloom quality International Flag Stoles. 

Our mission is to celebrate YOU and YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS!

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Custom Flag Stoles

Want to proudly represent more than one country? No problem. We customize mixed stoles with the two flags of your choice on our standard design template. Proudly represent your heritage!

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Haitian Pride

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January 1st is Haitian Independence Day!

Proudly celebrate with a steaming bowl of Soup Joumou and an eye-catching piece from our Haitian Pride Collection.  

Our Happy Customers

Absolutely beautiful!! My son received so many compliments & hugs from fellow Mexican Americans!! Made my heart so proud to see my boy walk that stage while tipping his hat for my home country 🇲🇽 & mi gente💖 

Custom Flag Stole - Mexico and U.S.A.

- saralunagonzales 6/14/2018

Our Happy Customers

I was not prepared for my daughter's graduation and I contacted them 4 days before. They shipped it priority next day and we got it just in time. She loves it.

- Leslie de Santiago 5/18/2019

Our Happy Customers

This is such a pretty item!!! I cannot wait to wear this at graduation. This will def be an item that our family will be able to wear with pride and to represent our little island!

Puerto Rico Flag Graduation Stole

Emily M. 8/6/2019