Haiti Flag Graduation Stole


One Flag Nation™ is dedicated to its focus on an heirloom quality product. Our full-color printed flag-inspired International Flag Stoles are a lasting, heavy Satin/Polyester blend and measure 70"x 5". Each stole is imprinted by hand, creating a beautiful commemorative item to celebrate your big event. 

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It was strength in unity that brought about the only successful slave revolution in human history. The Haitian Revolution began in 1791 and was won in 1804 and not only ended slavery in the colony but also its independence from France.

According to history, the first Haitian flag was created on May 18, 1803, when Jean-Jacques Dessalines, a leader of the revolution, took the French flag, ripped out the horizontal white bar at its center and his god-daughter, Catherine Flon, sewed together the remaining horizontal bars of red and blue.  

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