Graduation is the international language of celebration. It crosses the lines of age, gender, class, and heritage. A deep sense of satisfaction and pride is experienced by everyone involved - the graduate, the parents, family, and friends. 

In 2008, I walked the stage at University of South Florida in Tampa and proudly received my Bachelor's Degree in Business and Graphic Design. In preparation for the big day, I created my first International Flag Stole, and proudly represented my own heritage with the Haitian Flag.

To say everybody loved it, is an understatement. It added to my parents’ sense of satisfaction, increased my own pride in what I had accomplished through hard work, dedication and the lifelong values my parents had diligently instilled. Family and friends from everywhere expressed their appreciation and everyone asked, “Where did you get it?”

The answer is, “I created it myself.”

I have always been creative, have a love for design, and possess an entrepreneurial spirit. I continued to create Haitian Flag Graduation Stoles for my family and friends. Over time, others asked for their country’s flag on a Graduation Stole. I wanted everyone from everywhere to experience the pride in their heritage that I felt on my graduation day and One Flag Nation™ was born.

We now create and sell International Flag Stoles for people from the Caribbean, Latin America, and more. Each graduation stole is a high-quality, full-color, flag-inspired masterpiece featuring your country’s flag. Our Custom Graduation Stoles feature two flags of your choice on our standard design template. Every stole is handcrafted on heavy satin-polyester blend and measures 70" long by 5" wide.

Whether it’s Kindergarten, High School, College, or Graduate School, Graduation is a great accomplishment and deserves to be celebrated and commemorated in style. My hope is that wherever you are from, whatever your background is, that you have the same sense of pride concerning your heritage that I have about my own Haitian heritage. My mission is to offer you a tangible way to proudly represent your heritage as you make lasting memories on your big day!

One Flag Nation™'s Mission is to celebrate YOU and YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS!